Handsome Up ¿ Pump As PICTURE

Handsome Up ¿ Pump As PICTURE

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Handsome Up ¿ Pump As PICTURE

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What is the Handsome Up Pump and how does it work?

It is a popular penis enlargement device, designed to help enhance the size of your penis and improve your overall sexual performance. Many users report an improvement in overcoming premature ejaculation too. The easy to use pump is made of high quality material to ensure user safety. It is a popular choice and achieves penile growth through the sheer power of vacuum technology. It not only helps penile growth but also helps prevent premature ejaculation and aids in improving sexual performance for yourself and your partner.

Handsome Up Pump uses air vacuum technology to increase the size of our penis. Once you have inserted our penis into the cylinder, you then pump air using the bulb until air is pulled out of the cylinder. This then creates a vacuum, which draws more blood, the penis meaning your tissues are allowed to expand resulting in permanent penis growth over time.

When will I achieve results?

The results will vary with each individual, however to ensure optimal results with Handsome Pump, you should follow the recommended routine. At first you should use the pump in 10-15 minute sessions, 4 to 5 times a week.

The more and more you use the Handsome Up Pump you will be able to increase the amount of time you spend using it . Ideally, try to build up to 45-60 minute sessions. In between each session, keep the air vacuumed for 5-10 minutes before releasing it, and doing so again.

Safe to use


Using the pump correctly and following the instructions will leave you with safe and effective use, without any side effects. To improve the efficiency of the pump, you can use a water-based lubricant to help the seal. Take care not to use any petroleum-based products, as this can be harmful to the device or use the Handsome Pump too vigorously. Always stop use immediately if you feel any pain or if it gets uncomfortable.

How do I order my Handsome Up Pump online in SA?


By ordering our Handsome Up Pump from SexualPerformanceTotal, you are joining the many men worldwide who have already benefited from this great genuine product. Remember when you place your order before 4pm on any working day; you can receive your product the next day. Simply select ‘Add to Basket’ to get started 


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