Pink Ribbon CBD Ozonated Coconut Oil 5-600mg 30ml

Pink Ribbon CBD Ozonated Coconut Oil 5-600mg 30ml

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Pink Ribbon CBD Ozonated Coconut Oil 5-600mg 30ml

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My Personal Experience with Ozone Oil Toothpaste

I originally bought the ozone as a way to reduce the amount of fluoride I was using and to strengthen my gums.  While I had always been conditioned that fluoride was essential to strong teeth and gums, recent research has not been positive.  It’s even worse if you have an autoimmune issue (like me) or anything else that compromises your immune system.  I come from a family of “dental police,” as I like to call it.  My aunt and uncle owned their own dental practice, and my dad had gum surgery in his early 30’s.  This lead to a strict fluoride regiment and tooth brushing routine When I first used the Ozone oil toothpaste I was skeptical that it would work at all, so I would use that at night, and normal toothpaste in the morning (just to be safe).  After using it at night, I noticed that my gums became bright red.  I focused on a sore spot in the back of my mouth where my gums had become swollen.  Within two applications, the swelling that had been there for a week, diminished.   The redness after brushing seemed to just be increased circulation (possibly from the oxygen).  Week after week, my gums became healthier.  It even worked wonders on detoxifying.  I wasn’t using additional mouth wash but my breath stayed fresh for hours, even after sleeping.

Whiter Teeth

Coconut oil has been used to whiten teeth and it does a darn good job!  I decided to also use this in an oil pulling fashion. To learn more about oil pulling read our previous article.

Before or After Brushing – use the coconut oil to detox your mouth and brighten teeth.  “Pull” the oil through your teeth in a sucking fashion.  Swish it for 5 – 10 minutes or until the oil changes to a thicker texture.  Spit it out, use it to brush your teeth, or replace it and brush your teeth.  This 5 – 10 minutes will brighten your smile quickly and without any harsh chemicals or stripping agents that could harm your teeth.

After I had such great success with the ozone and teeth, I decided to do more research.  I called the company to ask them about their skin products.  They informed me that the tooth paste can double as a face product if you buy the plain coconut oil with ozone (minus the peppermint flavor).  So, of course, I had to try that!

Coconut Ozone Oil For Skin Issues

ozone coconut oil for skin

The directions said to simply rub a small amount of the oil over your face.  Allow it to set in and absorb.  Then go to sleep. While I’d love to tell you that’s true, not all of my coconut oil absorbed.  I applied the coconut oil after washing my face.  I allowed it to soak in (for 15 minutes), then I dabbed my face with a paper towel to absorb the remaining coconut oil before bed.  In the morning my skin looked refreshed and moisturized!  It also help to heal any blemishes and scares I had.  While it’s not “magic” it does make a noticeable difference.  Dry patches of skin become even and blemishes and scares heal more quickly.

Don’t hesitate to also use the ozone oils on other parts of your body that need to heal, such as dry patches and sun burns.

Safe For Children, Animals, and Your Parents

I have used it on my only child (my dog Niko) and my parents.  My dog was having tooth issues but couldn’t have the tooth removed due to a heart murmur.  I would place a small amount on a tooth brush and lightly brush his infected tooth.  Over time he began to like the toothpaste and would sit next the fridge waiting patiently when he saw me remove the container. The oxygen seem to really help keep his infection under control.  He would still have to have occasional antibiotics when it got really bad but the toothpaste seems to reduce the inflammation and clean areas that couldn’t be reached under the surface of the gums.

My dad had gum surgery to save his teeth in his early 30’s, since then, he has taken meticulous care of his teeth. When my mom told me about a sore spot he couldn’t seem to reach with his toothbrush, floss, or water pick, I suggested the paste. After only 3 uses he was a believe!  His swelling went down and he was able to chew on the side once more.


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