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MCT Oil Cannabis Infused Capsule THC15% CBD 1200mg/ml (Brain Food & Energy)

MCT Oil Cannabis Infused Capsule THC15% CBD 1200mg/ml (Brain Food & Energy)

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MCT Oil Cannabis Infused Capsule THC15% CBD 1200mg/ml (Brain Food & Energy)

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1. MCTs Lower Blood Sugar:

MCTs raise up ketones and lower blood sugar naturally.  They have a strong blood sugar stabilizing effect that helps to reduce inflammation and improve brain function (18).

After a single oral dose of MCTs, a slight drop in blood sugar develops (19). It is caused, apparently, by a decrease in the liver output of glucose and not by an increase in the bodies utilization of glucose.

MCTs significantly improve carbohydrate tolerance and inhibit the production of fatty acids in adipose (fat) tissue (20).

2.  Increased Nutrient Absorption:

MCTs improve the absorption of calcium and magnesium in premature infants.  One study looked at 34 pre-term infants.  The infants were divided into 3 groups and fed various formulas.

Group 1 had corn oil, oleic, and coconut oil (39:41:20); Group 2: MCT, corn oil, and coconut oil (40:40:20); Group 3: MCT and corn oil (80:20). The infants fed MCT-containing formulas absorbed significantly more calcium than the control group. Magnesium absorption was significantly increased in the 80% MCT group (21).

These same groups were then analyzed for protein absorption and nitrogen content.  The 80% MCT group had significant improvements in nitrogen absorption and amino acid sparing (22).  This means the body will be more effective at preserving and building lean body tissue when using MCT oil.

3.  Natural Anti-Convulsive:

The production of ketones has powerful anticonvulsive properties on the brain that has long been used as a treatment for individuals with epilepsy.  The traditional ketogenic diet which is LCFA based that is used for anti-convulsive benefits is made up of 87% of the calories from fat.  This is extremely hard to follow and compliance is often very low.

The use of MCTs, which as described are highly ketogenic, makes it much easier to get into and stay in ketosis.  An MCT based diet only depends upon 60-70% of calories from fat which allows one to handle some nutrient dense sources of carbohydrate and protein.  The diversity of the diet provides more micronutrients, has greater variety and is more enjoyable (23).

4.  Improved Athletic Performance:

MCTs are an elite fuel for athletes or anyone who is performing some sort of physical exertion.  This is due to their rapid rate of absorption through the digestive tract, quick metabolic conversion into cellular energy and their high energy density (2425).

Many athletes find great performance benefits using MCTs both pre and post workout.  They are the best form of fat to use right before (within 2 hours) and right after exercise due to their quick mobilization and use for rebuilding muscles and preventing the catabolic breakdown of proteins after rigorous training.

5.  Appetite Control and Weight Loss:

Research has shown that MCTs suppress the appetite which helps individuals who struggle with strong cravings and overeating.  In a 14 day study, 6 healthy males were put on 3 different unlimited diets:  a low MCT diet, a medium MCT diet and a high MCT diet (26).

The study authors found a significantly lower calorie consumption for those on the high MCT diet.  The researchers discussed how substituting MCTs for other fat sources can limit excess caloric intake and resulting weight gain.

A number of studies have also shown that when overweight and obese individuals were put on higher MCT oil diets, they were able to lose more weight and had better energy even though they were consuming less calories (2728).

Reasons to use MCT oil (1)

Problems With MCT Consumption:

Most people tolerate MCT oil very well, however, too large of dosages too quickly can cause gastrointestinal problems such as nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.  If you have this problem, don’t panic and give up on MCT oil right away.

You can easily reduce or eliminate these symptoms by starting with very small doses at a time.  This would mean ½ tsp several times daily and slowly increasing the dosage as tolerated.


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